My wife, Tish, and I moved to Hawaii from Los Angeles to attend Chaminade College. After receiving an undergraduate degree in pre-med, I worked as a technologist at St. Francis Hospital. But in 1980 I was finding my love for my woodworking hobby was pulling me away from my job. So I quit working at the hospital and we dove into woodworking full time.

With Tish handling most of the production items, such as jewelry boxes and hand mirrors, I concentrated on designing and building furniture. We worked craft fairs for several years, supporting our family with sales of the production pieces and building up interest in our furniture by showing our portfolio. In 1986, our goal of building furniture full time was realized and we were able to drop the production pieces and leave the craft-fair circuit.

For 35 years in Hawaii, Tish and I, along with our son Daniel (joined us after he graduated from college) built a successful business, specializing in custom furniture, doors and kitchens.
Some highlights for us include working with:​​

Tom Selleck, desk and custom-sized chair
Many props for the show Magnum P.I.
Kareem Abdul Jabar, making his bed
The Catholic Church, making a reliquary for Father Damien

In 2015, we made the move to Washington State, taking advantage of the opportunity to have both our home and shop on the same property.

Along with this geographic move, we have made some changes in structure as well. Tish and I are proud to pass our business on to our son Daniel, so we can step back a little. Daniel started working with us when he was 5 years-old and has grown and really embraced the idea of perfection in his woodworking.

We look forward to seeing what projects come our way in the future!
Thank you!

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